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In a world of extremes, everyone needs some BALANCE!


Diabetes and un-balanced blood sugar (high and low blood sugar) is the third leading cause of death in the United States.
Vera Balance
 offers a groundbreaking solution to controlling blood sugar levels quickly and
naturally-for the tens of million of Americans who are diabetic, pre-diabetic or vulnerable to other types of health problems due to un-balanced blood sugar levels.  And there are many people…or someone in their family… who may not suffer with diabetes or hypoglycemia yet, but they could be diagnosed with it in the months or years to come.  Vera Balance is one of the few nutritional supplements in the world today that has valid double blind clinical research…that you can click on above and read about.
The results of this study were encouraging, exciting, and dramatic!

So when you get your blood sugar balanced throughout the day and night that will = feeling so much better from head to toe.  Vera offers unique nutritional wellness products backed by experienced expert formulators, biochemists, years of research and development, cutting edge technology, and third party clinical research with some amazing results to help you look better and feel better! The key to these amazing liquid formulas are the Vera proprietary LIQUID DELIVERY SYSTEM for maximum absorption at the cell level and each single dose contains HUNDREDS of all natural ingredients from food and herbal sources that would cost you HUNDREDS of dollars if you purchase that many different supplements separately which = GREAT VALUE!  $300 or more worth of all natural nutrition in each bottle for only $64.99, BUT WHEN YOU USE YOUR COUPON CODE….YOU WILL GET EVEN BIGGER DISCOUNTS AND SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY! And would you rather swallow dozens of pills and capsules every day that eat up your wallet OR simply take a drink of a delicious tasting liquid packed with hundreds of nutrients? Now that = CONVENIENCE and VALUE!  It would take someone years to learn the knowledge that Vera has put into each bottle!
Vera never contains any artificial ingredients, flavors, or sweeteners.

Dozens of Different Nutritional Supplements With Extensive Research Synergistically Combined into Single Unique Liquid Formulas

Vera Is Backed By Clinical Research and Quality Ingredients That Promote Optimal Health

Vera Balance Main Ingredients – Purified Water, Aloe Vera Leaf Gel (200:1 Extract), Cinnamon Bark Extract, Raspberry Ketone, Nopal Cactus, Green Tea Extract, Rockweed, Nori Flakes, Chlorella, Spirulina, Ginger Root, Aquamin, Pau D Arco, Ginkgo Biloba, Hyssop, Cranberry Extract, Crocus Sativus, ChromeMate (Chromium Polynicotinate), Vitamin B12, 70 ionic sea trace minerals, and all natural flavors. Vera Balance was formulated to balance metabolism (blood sugar and hormones), increase stamina, build the immune system, support normal blood lipid levels, help stabilize mood, and boost mental clarity and concentration.

Vera Balance contains HUNDREDS of nutrients in every serving … including these powerful ingredients for wellness and happiness!


Vera Balance Benefits

Vera Balance Benefits

Unique Metabolism Formula

Supports blood glucose metabolism

Helps the body metabolize carb’s, fats and proteins

Promotes an increase in energy

May improve mental alertness and focus

Curbs appetite

Enhances mood

May improve libido

Provides immune function support

Supports proper blood lipids

Good source of natural antioxidants

Saves hundreds of dollars having all these ingredients in 1 single bottle

It’s Not What You Consume … But What You Absorb That Matters

And even if we do want to spend years doing research about nutrition and wellness and learn about all the many different supplements we need to take, it would require us to ingest a handful of capsules, pills, and tablets.

Capsules, pills, tablets are hard to swallow and not very well absorbed by the body, therefore  getting the benefits are greatly reduced.  The key is for our bodies to be able to digest and absorb the nutrients that are missing from our modern diet and Vera provides that simple solution.

Convenience does affect our choices…and that is why most of us make bad choices every day…like driving through a fast food window.  We are all just too busy!  Vera will provide your body what it needs in just a few seconds everyday!

So what would you rather do? Swallow dozens of capsules, pills, and tablets every day to get the good nutrition you need or would you rather simply drink a 1 ounce shot of delicious tasting liquid 1 time per day that your body can easily absorb?

We all know we need to eat better and we also know that our food supply is missing many of the necessary nutrient we need every day.  But trying to eat better and figure out what supplements we need to take can be very time consuming, confusing, and expensive.  And convenience affects our choices….and that is why we drive through the fast food joint on the corner.  We are all so busy that we cannot find the time to learn everything we need to know and be healthy.

Vera solves this problem with an easy affordable solution by making wellness simple. Vera products are formulated with our own proprietary blends utilizing a special liquid absorption technology for maximum benefit at the cellular level.  And that is why we say “It’s not what you consume…but what you ABSORB that matters.”

Vera contains HUNDREDS of food and herbal based nutrients in every single liquid serving all in single convenient bottles that will save you HUNDREDS of dollars!

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